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Apr 20, 2013 7:00am PDT
but appeared to be a random attack on the brother and sister. 16-year-old darian darian and 19-year-old darian williams. homicides have been going down but the recent shooting suggest a recent flair up. >>> a letter calling for more security funding for public transit has been signed by 39 members of congress. they coordinated a letter that requests robust funding from the committee. it will go in an effort to keep passengers safe. mass transit systems are difficult to secure. there were more than 10.5 billion passengers on u.s. transit systems in 2012. >>> the san jose police officers association will go to court to challenge the city's pension reform plan. last june city voters passed measure b, which would increase the amount officers and other city workers have to pay towards their pensions. the measure has been cleared to go to the court. city attorney rick doyle said the attorney general's action was a procedure al one. he believes the city will still prevail in court. >>> a deadly earthquake rocked parts of asia. just ahead, the region that's deal being the most destruction. >> it's one
Apr 1, 2013 5:30pm PDT
. in this excerpt, she is discussing that effort with her teenage daughter, darian. mom. yes. what are you doing? i'm studying. i have a test coming up. >> what? social work. i am going to make the system work, make the families work. try to anyway. >> what if they don't want to? then that's a choice they make. i'm going to study. >> well, what if the parents absolutely can't get along? you know, like you and dad. they can't even look at each other. >> you know, there are parents who want to try to get along. they just don't know how. when social services took you guys from me, i wasn't as strong in my sobriety as i was at the time and as determined as i was to get you back home here. >> yeah. i would have given up and started drinking. >> hmm. i would have. not once did social services offer anything, honey, that could help us. not once. not once did i get a call, hey, robin, what can we do to help bring your kids home? on christmas i was shopping for you not knowing when you were going to get to see it. or when i was going to get to give it to you. not once did i get to hold you and tell you, dar
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5 (some duplicates have been removed)